Directions To Camp

Directions to Ngala Camp from Eastgate Airport

Ngala Camp is located on Struwig Eco-Reserve, Balule Private Nature Reserve 


  • Exit the airport and turn left on the tar road
  • After passing through the access gate turn left onto the R40, travel approximately 10-15 minutes until you reach the little town of Hoedspruit.
  • You will pass a KFC, gas station, and small shopping center on your left, and the entrance to a larger shopping center with a Pick-n-Pay grocery store on your right. Continue straight through the 4 way stop that is the entrance to these shopping centers.
  • At the next 4-way stop, turn right and follow the road toward Hoedspruit Air Force Base (The fire station will be on your right, and several paddocks with horses in them)
  • Turn left at the T-junction
  • After a few meters there is a dirt road that goes to the right, take it, you will be on well-maintained dirt roads from here on in
  • There is a small green Struwig sign here at the turnoff
  • From this 1st signpost to the 1st control gate is 4.8 km
  • Here you will collect a slip, which you pay for at camp
  • Continue along the train tracks (45 minutes journey in total)
  • From the 1st control gate to 2nd unmanned control gate is 9.4 km, here you open the gate and close it yourself
  • From the 2nd control gate to 1st railway crossing is 16.4 km
  • Here you follow the Struwig sign and cross the tracks, keeping alongside them still but on the opposite side
  • From the 1st railway crossing to 2nd railway crossing is 3.1 km
  • Cross again here and continue along the track
  • Stay on road with Struwig signposts and it is 3.2 km to the Struwig indemnity sign on the left hand side of the road
  • Continue along, crossing a small dry river/stream bed
  • Take the first left after the river bed
  • There is a very large dead tree at the junction
  • This left turn is 400 m after the Struwig indemnity board

Take it and you will find Ngala Camp is on your left

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