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Programs and Services we offer:

  • Distance Learning Courses
  • Education Programs
  • Adventure Programs
  • Tracker Programs
  • Tracker Mentoring & Evaluations


A short description of each (hyperlinked items are in BOLD font):

We offer Distance Learning Courses in an online format, and experiential (full body, full brain, immersion experience) programs in-the-field. Distance learning courses can be taken as stand-alone components, but are intended to supplement educational programs that occur in-the-field to create a richer and deeper understanding of the subject material.

In-the-field, experiential Education Programs are co-designed with the faculty leader of your group. We provide the baseline information and experience rooted in ecology and culture, and incorporate specific activities and expereinces within the faculty leader’s speciality. We offer these across Africa, depending on your group’s interest and budget.

For example, a recent course focused on tourism and hospitality. The safari industry in South Africa is one of the country’s biggest contributors to the economy, and guides and trackers are the backbone of the safari industry. We provided a full safari experience by guiding 20 students and their professors, in three different types of venues ranging from a tented camp, to a luxury lodge, to a bed-and-breakfast in one of the most famous townships from the Apartheid era. Students were able to observe and contribute to all aspects of venue management, for a behind-the-scenes perspective. They were given reflective assignments and team-building activities by their professors, all while viewing Africa’s famous and exciting wildlife, and exploring the history and culture. For a more detailed description of how we integrated our expertise, see the Educational Adventure Program for University Students example page.

We also offer Adventure Programs for people who are not trackers, teachers, or students – although we guarantee you will learn at least a bit about Africa, tracking, and African ecology while you are with us. These are usually small groups and are custom designed to the group’s area of interest, whether that be in Africa, India, South America, the USA, or elsewhere. If you would like to arrange an adventure program for yourself and approximately 8 friends or family members, please see the African Safari Adventure page for a detailed example.

We offer a few different types of Tracker Programs. First, some are strictly short-term courses onTrack and Sign Identification and Interpretation, others are strictly Trailing, and still others are a longer-term combination of both the aforementioned, mixed with a healthy dose of animal behavioural observation. We regularly schedule such courses, according to demand. Please contact us for our current prices and schedule. In the meantime, if you’d like to arrange a  tracking-focused program for yourself and 8 friends or family members, please see the example African Tracker Experience page for a detailed example.

Kersey and Lee are both qualified Senior Trackers and can assess trackers on the CyberTracker System. We offer private Tracker Mentoring by arrangement, and frequently conduct Tracker Evaluations in Southern Africa.

Please contact us for more information.

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